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Online ticketing sales and management software

A single platform provided with the latest innovations

In Koobin we have developed the one and only online ticketing sales and management system in Spain, based in a SaaS platform (Software as a Service). Thus, our customers reduce their costs and achieve at all times the flexibility and the professional support they need.

Furthermore, our professionals develop continuous technological improvements of the system to adapt to market developments, but also to the real needs of customers.

Autoscalables Servers: Unlimited data

To ensure maximum reliability, at Koobin we use AWS web hosting (Amazon Web Services), considered one of the best data centers in Europe. This self-scalable server can offer more benefits to more demand. Unlimited data. This way users can always buy tickets at the time, although there is much demand. No queues or waiting times!

You only pay for what you need

We are the only provider to bill only for the service provided and not by the number of tickets sold. The result: we offer you the service you need with an excellent quality / price ratio.

All Koobin can offer:

Sales service:

  • Tickets and season tickets sales.
  • Packages and extras sales (merchandising, dinners, catering, champagne glasses, hotel nights, flights...).
  • Integration with multiple distribution channels: Internet, box offices, points of sale, social networks.

Technology adapted to the real needs:

  • Full integration with the client's website in both the design and the structure.
  • Responsive design: allows website content optimally adapt to different mobile devices.
  • Pioneers in Spain to offer the Print at Home system.
  • Integration with applications such as Passbook from Apple to store own tickets.
  • Integration with social networks, allowing a group purchase and a viral effect.
  • Technological partner: at Koobin we maintain a close relationship with our customers and adapt our product to your needs.

Know the demand to increase sales:

  • Management of Customer Relationship (CRM) can meet the needs of your customers, making easy the segmentation of the offer and the achievement of customer loyalty.
  • Customizable customers data fields: transforms the data in valuable information, such as the event's purchases and attendance historical.
  • System integrated with e-mailing platforms, like MailChimp or Axonmail.
  • Online validation for subscribers of collectives: Carnet Jove, Club Super 3, Subscribers of La Vanguardia, Promoentrada VIP...
  • Management of collectives and members with priority sales periods. 
  • Integration with other ticketing platforms (TeleEntrada, Ticketmaster...)


 Download here the complete presentation of KoobinEvent