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In Koobin we make it easy. Therefore, we have developed an innovative and intuitive technology that enables event organizers to manage their ticketing and sell their tickets without intermediaries, efficiently and in a fully customizable way.

More than ten years of experience and a broad portfolio of clients of all types speaks for itself. Because we're much more than a technology partner: in addition to providing the software for self ticketing, in Koobin offer a wide range of additional services to suit your needs.



In Koobin works a young team that incorporates the experience of pioneer professionals in e-commerce. In 2000 we created one of the first online hotel reservations systems of the market, and in 2002 one of the first software in event management and ticketing & subscriptions, entirely online.

With extensive experience in IT companies and event marketing, our team devotes its efforts to develop continuous improvement of its ticketing management system in order to suit the changing needs of each client. The goal: to provide an effective technological support and a close and professional service.

  • Fernando Martín
    Fernando Martin
    CEO, Founder
  • Christian Dávila
    Christian Dávila
    CTO, Founder
  • Carlos Díaz
    Carlos Díaz
    Head of Development, Founder
  • Llorenç Noell
    Llorenç Noell
  • Maia Kabramova
    Maia Kabramova
    Administration Assistant
  • Cristina Galera
    Cristina Galera
    Head of Support
  • Laura Llovera
    Laura Llovera 
    Support Agent
  • Iván Oliva
    Iván Oliva
    UI/UX Designer, Developer
  • Anna Arostegui
    Anna Arostegui

Vocació internacional

A Koobin tenim una llarga experiència en la gestió d’esdeveniments d’àmbit internacional, com ara la Final Four de l’Eurolliga de 2012 a Istanbul.

La nostra plataforma es pot gestionar en diversos idiomes (català, castellà, anglès i italià), tot i que el sistema pot traduir-se a la idioma que millor s’adapti a les necessitats del client.

A més, el web públic de Koobin es troba a l’abast d’usuaris de diferents procedències, ja que està disponible en català, castellà, anglès, italià, francès, alemany i turc.